Party FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Parties
How do I schedule a party?
First, go online to our website, choose a package and then select the date. Then you will see all the available time slots on the bottom of the page. We do require a $150/$300 non-refundable deposit to secure your time slot depending on the package you choose. The deposit is deducted from the balance of the party which is due the day of the party. If you want to cancel your party for any reasons, the deposit is not refundable.  You can also book your party over the phone or in person.
Can we bring more than 10 participants?
Yes, our public party packages includes 10 children and private party packages includes 20 children (any aged children that wants to play). The additional cost per child over 10 for public parties and 20 children for private parties ranges from $14-$16 depending on the package you choose.
If I have less than 10 kids do I have to pay full price?
Yes. Unfortunately, the price of the package is set at minimum to have the party here.
Can I have a party for more than one child?
Yes, but there will be a $25 charge for each additional birthday child(multiples excluded).
Can I bring in my own food?
You may bring in your own fruit trays, veggie trays, birthday cake/cup cakes, drinks & chips. All other hot foods or sides, you will be charged a $5 service fee per item/tray.
Can we bring in our own pizza?
We have a wonderful pizza vendor and we ask that you use them. Clean up fees, trash disposal, serving fees, and delivery fees are all included in our price. If you do bring in your own pizza there will be a $5 service fee for each pizza.
Can I bring Ice Cream?
No outside ice cream of any kind is allowed except ice cream cake. You can order cool beads ice cream cups through us at $3.50 each. Click HERE for the flavors we offer.
Can I have food in the play room during my 80 minutes play time?
No food or drinks other than water is allowed during play time in our playroom.
Do we share the facility with other parties?
This depends on what package you booked. For the public parties, the 80 minutes in our play room will be shared with our regular drop-in customers. For our private parties, there will only be guests for your party while you have your play time and your time inside the party room. However, there will be guests from parties before yours in the party room while you are having your play time, and there will be guests from parties after yours in the play areas while you are having your party room time.
Is 40 minutes enough time in the party room?
Ideally, if you are only having cake and food in the party room then 40 minutes is enough. We do not allow opening gifts or do any other activities in the party room without prior approval. We strongly recommend to add additional time to the party room if you have over 30 people total for your party. Our maximum number of children is 50 for our public parties and  80 people total for our private parties (kids and adults). Please get prior approval if you have more than 80 people total!
Do we have to serve the cake?
Each party is assigned 1-2 party coordinators to help set up the party room, serve pizzas to the kids and facilitate the cake cutting, and pass the cake out for your party. Our goal is for you, the host/hostess, to be a part of the party and enjoy your guests.
Why do we charge a gratuity?
We charge the minimum of 15% to ensure our party coordinators are compensated for their great service. We will do everything we can to make your party stress-free and hassle-free so you can enjoy your guests.
If I want to add time can I?
Our parties are 2 hours long, however, you can add more time to the party room for additional 30 minutes ($75).  An hour can only be added to the last party of the day for $150.
If we run over the 2 hour limit what will happen?
Our parties are scheduled to stagger one after another so we do everything we can to stay on schedule. We do allow your party a 5 minute grace period after the ending time of the party. If you run over 5 minutes, we will charge $25 for each 10 minutes.
Can I sign a Waiver for someone else’s child?
No, only a legal guardian or parent can sign a waiver for a child. If you plan on bring kids that are not yours, please have their parent sign our on-line waiver prior to the party.
What does the price of the party include?
The party includes the 2 hour rental of the facility for your party. We have a brand new two level play structure packed with activities, toddler area with a toy library, a rock wall,  as well as our new interactive zone and arcade games. We supply all white paper products to serve your party: plates, napkins, spoons and forks.  We have all the tools to cut your cake as well. If you bring your own drinks, we ask that you  supply your own cups or bring in individually packaged drinks in a cooler.
Can I bring in a Piñata?
Unfortunately, we do not allow any type of Piñatas.
Can I bring in my own decorations?
Yes, if you want a theme for your party you can bring in your own. We ask that you do not bring in streamers, confetti or items to be hung on the walls or ceiling. You may bring in a paper banner and themed plate settings. A $25 set/clean up fee will be charged if other item are brought in without prior approval. We do ask that you take your decorations with you. If you want us to dispose it for you, we will charge a $25 fee. If you are hiring an outside service to provide decorations other than Air Lollipop, there will be a charge for $50 for the outside service.  Just a reminder that we do offer themes for for your convenience.
How early can I get there before my party starts?
We asked that you do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your party starts so we can clean up the play areas before you start your playtime.
Are Socks required?
Yes, grippy socks are required for Children if they play in our play areas.  Regular socks are okay for Adults but required in all our play areas.  Not to worry if you forget them, we do sell them at $2 a pair.
If kids are out of control and a food fight occurs what will happens?
We understand that kids like to have fun, but food fighting is not acceptable. There will be a $25 clean up fee added to your bill.
If I cancel my party will I be charged?
Our cancellation policy is as follows: If you cancel your party 7 days prior to your scheduled party, you will be charged 50% of the remaining balance for your party package. If you cancel within 72 hours of your party date, you will be charged 100% of the remaining balance for your party package. All deposits will not be refunded weather you cancel or change dates and times. We will only reschedule your party once two weeks prior to your scheduled party. Deposits will be forfeited and no more changes will be accommodated after one change.