About Us

Peekaboo Factory was created by Sophia, mom of two extremely active kids. The minute my first child started to walk, I was struggling to find a safe place for him to burn off some energy without me helping him every step of the way. I remember sitting in front of the computer every weekend looking for places to take him that are safe, that offers walk-ins, and, most importantly, were affordable. There are other indoor facilities in San Francisco—however, most of them are closed all day for private parties on the weekends or they all require long-term memberships. I was left with the public parks that are unsafe. At that moment, I was determined to create a community for parents to alleviate some of the added stress of having kids by helping them really embrace and enjoy their younger years.

As my family grew bigger with the arrival of my second child, I found myself struggling to find a decent place to have their birthday parties that are affordable and hassle-free with little or no planning.  I wanted to create a memorable experience for your kids and, most importantly, give you, the parents, time to enjoy the party and enjoy your guests while we do all the work.

As a passionate party planner and Mom of two extremely active kids, I want you to join my community of embracing “PLAY” and enjoy your children as much as I do.


Sophia C.

About the founder of Peek-a-Boo Factory